The Dark Side of the Soul

Van Gogh's eyes There are a lot of people around us who look taller, thinner, smarter or happier than us, and most of the times, for a tiny instant, we envy them. It’s a kind of feeling we can’t control. But we soon come to our senses and the very next moment we chill out … Continuă lectura The Dark Side of the Soul

Carpe Diem

 The Painter on His Way to Work, by Vincent van Gogh   Everything we do, we do it out of a sense of duty. Maybe not everything, but most of it. People may have been doing the same since the beginning of time. Without asking themselves why. But today we like to play smart and … Continuă lectura Carpe Diem

We Are Living in a Material World

 Vincent's bedroom in Arles, by Vincent van Gogh   We are busy. The nine-to-five of the sixties expanded significantly, considering the time spent commuting to work, the lunch break and the good use of our gym membership card – to name only a few mandatory daily routines of the modern worker. Let alone window-shopping… Every now … Continuă lectura We Are Living in a Material World